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A couple of episodes into the season, Russ and Darren decided that, more than anything, they needed a series of movie one-sheet posters to help promote The Perturbed Dragon. As they’re completed they’ll appear on this page as well as anywhere else we can whore them out to! You can click on the posters for larger versions. If you like them, feel free to head over to our Cafepress Merchandise Store or DeviantArt where you can buy prints!

Here’s a little sequence that shows the development process on of the posters. You can click on the image below for a larger version:

First up, we have to come up with a concept for the poster. In this case, the episode is called ‘The Cliche’ so we tried to think of movie cliches that would translate well to a single, iconic image. Arguably one of the biggest cliches is that of the hero running straight at the camera being pursued by a dinosaur or a plane or a truck or whatever. And who did it best? Indiana Jones, of course!

So with Indy in mind, Darren sketches a design onto his ipad. Our heroes running away from a great big cliche. Or a boulder. Or, because it’s a D&D theme, a giant D20. He’s not very good a drawing, so it kinda looks like a 5 year-old did it.

Then, using the sketch as a guide he carefully re-draws (read ‘traces’) a clean version of the design.

Next up, he e-mails it to the colourist (who is also Darren) who colors it in using Photoshop on his desktop computer. At this point, Russ provides some valuable feedback about Erric’s trousers: “Erric looks like he’s wearing a mono-colour romper suit.” He’s not wrong.

Romper suit fixed, the letterer (Darren again) shamelessly rips off Indiana Jones to make one complete poster!

If you like the posters, feel free to head over to our Cafepress Merchandise Store or DeviantArt where you can buy prints!

We’re poor and could do with the cash!  🙂