An original animated show from EN World TV!

The Cast

Darren Morrissey
By day, Darren hangs out in an office in Bristol, England, doing the things that people who work in offices do. Or pretending to, at least. By night (also at weekends and on public holidays) he is one of the co-creators of The Perturbed Dragon, plays Malach The Maleficent and does all of the drawing and animating chores for the show as well as co-writing the scripts with his brother, Russell.
Darren has a somewhat sordid history of amateur theatre, video and animation, much of which can be seen here. In 2007 he directed a feature film, ‘Badman‘ which he co-wrote with Jon Steadman.
George LeDoux: Duncan
As well as playing Old Duncan, George has lent his voice to all of the guest characters in The Perturbed Dragon.
As a professional voice talent for nearly 20 years, George has done hundreds of radio and television commercials since he began his voiceover career. He has also done character voices and narrations for Corporate and E-Learning as well as for documentaries on various cable television networks, including The History Channel, The Discovery Channel, PBS and more. You can find out more about George at his website:
Joe Gawronski-Salerno: Erric
Joe cut his chops on the ’81 Moldvay D&D Basic set, and hasn’t stopped playing since. Joe spends his days playing with DNA and proteins as a molecular biologist at Northwestern University. He lives in the Chicagoland area with his wife and son, his two favorite people in the world.
 Though unbearded and close-shorn, Joe is somewhat disturbed by the remarkable similarities between him and Erric, especially in their disdain for guards.
Karen Bogen: Sheenah
Karen Bogen is honored to be able to work at the Perturbed Dragon. Karen has been involved in community theatre for many years, but has taken a break from it due to raising her three amazing children. This is the first time she has done voice over work and she has been having a lot of fun with it. When Karen isn’t working at the Perturbed Dragon she enjoys reading, singing, crocheting and Tae Kwon Do.
 Karen wishes to thank her husband Matt for all of his tech help and his support.
M Darin Young: Bilar
Darin has been involved in theatre since the early 1980s, writing slightly longer than that, playing games (and making up alternate rules) even longer, and talking in funny voices as long as he can remember. He still enjoys doing all those and even though parenthood has kept him from stomping around a stage as he’d like, he’s turned to voice-over to assuage that desire.
 He’s even newer to keeping a blog and uses it at a catch-all for ideas that occur to him or corral loose projects that he’s working on:
Melody Mooney: Dee
Melody  is a Canadian Transplant  living and working in Los Angeles. She was  chosen to bring her own Super Hero HYGENA  to life and was the runner up on Who Wants to be a Superhero? Season 2 with Stan Lee. She also Helped with Casting on the run away Internet hit THE GUILD  which led to a fun walk on role and lots of fan outreach at the famous San Diego Comic Con.

Melody is married with two cats and the has a sweet little daughter who is just one named Ella Rose. Her Husband Mark or ‘Mistwell’ as been a long time EN World poster and D&D gamer. She dedicates all the fun she is having with this project to him


Russ Morrissey
Russ is the other half of the creative duo that created The Perturbed Dragon.  Unfortunately his voice is rather grating and, as such he does not play any of the characters.
When he’s not writing and producing cartoons, Russ runs a publishing company that specialises in roleplaying games and EN World, a well known gaming website.