An original animated show from EN World TV!


Malach The Maleficent (Darren Morrissey) is probably an evil wizard in some sort of witness protection programme. We will never know. What we do know is that he has a really nasty streak and hates being called Mal. He uses flowery language.

Old Duncan (George Ledoux) is old and wise. He tries to teach his gamers valuable life lessons through his games. Unfortunately he is also very forgetful.

Erric (Joe Gawronski-Salerno) is a Knight. He has had many exciting and dangerous adventures, about which he loves to talk. He also has a ‘twin brother’ called Derrick who is a low ranked guard in the local militia. No one has ever seen the two together at the same time and most suspect them to be the same person. Erric has a huge crush on Dee.

Bilar The Dwarf (M Darin Young) is tee-total and likes embroidery and flower arranging. He doesn’t want anyone to know this, so brings his own ‘extra potent’ drinks to the inn, challenges people to arm wrestling matches (which he always loses) and is generally desperate to maintain his image as rough, tough dwarf.

No-one’s quite sure where Dee the Thief (Melody Mooney) came from or where she lives. She has nicknames for everyone, such as ‘Mal’, and ‘Billy’ and constantly steals things. She is always drinking someone else’s drink, using their dice etc. Other than Erric, she annoys the group but they keep her around because Erric insists and also, it’s good to have a girl around.

Sheenah (Karen Bogen) is the well loved barmaid at the Perturbed Dragon Tavern.  The daughter of the landlord, she is working to pay for night school.  She is by far the most intelligent person in the village and will interject into the conversation of patrons with useful or interesting facts or correction.  She has a romantic interest in Erric, who simply ignores her whenever Dee is in the room.

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  1. Stan

    The hollow caps are a bit hard to read by us geriatric fogeys

    August 17, 2012 at 11:18 pm

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